Kandi is a Sub-Divisional town. It is 30 km South-West of Berhampore by road. It is also the gateway of Historic Hazarduari Palace of Murshidabad, Shantiniketan and Tarapith of Birbhum etc. Here the Kandi Palace houses the palatial temple of Radha Ballabha. The Rudradeba temple of Ruppur is also worth seeing. In the police station compound, the very rare and ancient sculpture of the Boirochana incarnation of Buddha having snakes around His neck should not be missed. Jemo is the birthplace of the famous essayist and friend of Tagore, Ramendrasundar Trivedi. In his house are preserved things used by Trivedi. The Baghdanga temple complex of Shiva with the main temple Kaleeshwara is also nearby.

Here Panchthupi is an old village 15 km South of Kandi. It has remnants of a Buddhist Vihara called Barokonar Deul dating back to the Pala Dynasty. The Panchayatan (locally known as Nabaratna) Shiva temple in the middle of the village is unique in its architectural style in the whole of West Bengal. The Jor-Bangla Shyamsundar Temple and the magnificent Singhavihani Temple should also be visited.

“Shripatha” is a hand-written Gita, said to be in the handwriting of Shri Chaitanya. It can be seen in the Radha-Gopinatha Temple of Bharatpur, thirteen km from Kandi. Shri Gadadhar Goswami, a close companion of Shri Chaitanya, has established this temple. Nearby is Salar village, where one finds signs of a once thriving Muslim and Hindu cultures. Banwari temple of Banwaribad built in the Mughal style is near Salar and attracts many devotees.