The educational revolution of this place started when Kandi Raj High School was established by converting a theatre owned by the Zamindars of the Kandi Raj family. This was done on an appeal by none other than Pandit Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar, the eminent educationist and social reformer during the renaissance in Bengal.

The Zamindar family, commonly referred to as Rajas have contributed to the spread of education in a commendable way. They also took initiative for female education in and around the Kandi subdivision.

Currently, female education has picked up momentum. There are many educational libraries, sporting clubs in neighbouring villages.

List of Primary Schools

Sl.noName of Primary School
1Kumar Bimal Ch..
2Mohanbagan G.S.F.P
3Raja M.C.Girl`s
5Rakhal Ch.
7Sontosh Singa
9Gopinathpur B.pur G.S.
11Adirapara G.S.F.P.
12Chhatinakandi Rajar-ber
13Rasorah Ambika
14Rasorah Taposhil
16Jemo Dinendra Nr.
17Sahispara G.S.F.P.
18Jemo Ashotosh Poura
19Laksminarayan Poura
20Ruppur Durgadas
21Mollapara G.S.F.P
22Shibrambati Taposhil .
23Jemo Biswaspara
24Bagdanga R.S.S.
25Boalia Poura
26Nowapara Poura
28Bagdanga Girl`s
29Bagdanga G.S.F.P.
30Sri Bishnu .

List of Higher Secondary Schools

Sl.noName of High School
1Bagdanga P.C.Girl`s
2Bagdanga R.S.S.Vidyapith
3Chhatinakandi Gurupada .
4Jemo N.N.
5Kandi Raja M.C.Girl`s
6Kandi Raj
7Sri Bishnu
9Rasorah Ambika

Education Map