Climate and Soil

The town experiences tropical climate with wet summer and dry winter. The nearest meteorological station is Berhampur. The average maximum and minimum temperature of the place are 31.5 o C and 21.5 o C respectively. The average annual rainfall is around 1481 mm. The soil is of alluvial type.


Most of it has trees common to the deltaic regions of the State. The trees within Kandi are similar to the plateau regions of the State. The common crops we can found surrounding Kandi is similar in nature to that of the deltaic Bengal. There are mango bearing trees of various types within and surrounding Kandi; as Murshidabad is best known for its varieties of mango delicacies. Many varieties are available here like Shadulla (Himsagar), Ranipasand (favourite to the queen), Begumpasand (favourite to the Begum), Sharanga, Mulayamjam, Kohitur (the king of mangoes) etc.


  1. Animals

    The only wild animals found are perhaps a few jackals in the town .The black-faced monkey are however found in abundance as well; their herds are a common site at Kandi Town. black-faced-monkey

  2. Birds

    In this town one can find birds of many species including some migratory birds. The water bodies within the town attract many water birds like the dabchick / little grebe (Pankauri), ducks of many kinds. Besides one gets to see kites, pheasants, fowls & partridges, owls, pigeons & doves, woodpeckers, cuckoos, orioles and shrikes, crows. The smaller birds one can found in the town are the tailorbird, wagtails, sunbirds and weaverbirds.

    Birds English name Local Name
    Dabchick / Little grebePankauri
    Spotted DoveGhughu
    Black DrongoPhinge
    Common WoodshrikeDukka