Citizen Charter

During preparation of Citizen Charter, all the services were mapped by the departmental heads to bring an improvement in the municipal service delivery, followed by citizen’s expectations noted during ward level workshops and accordingly the final citizen charter published by the municipality which is a combination of citizens’ demand as well as departments’ views on time period by which they would be able to provide the service.

SectionName of the ServiceHow to ApplyService Delivery TimeEmergency ServiceDesignated OfficerAppellate OfficerReviewing Officer
Tax SectionMutation &On Specified Form/30 Days15 DaysExecutive OfficerChairmanDistrict Magistrate
Holding Assessment (Interim)On Plain Paper
House to House Tax CollectionDaily/Mahalla
Holding Searching CertificateOn Plain PaperOne Day
Public SectionRepairing work of public thoroughfare, or providing temporary thoroughfare till repairing of the road, to avoid any imminent danger on life and property of public.Executive OfficerChairmanDistrict Magistrate
Within 7 days
Repairing of drains2 to 7 days depending on urgency.
Repairing / removal of street furniture2-7 days depending on urgency.
Repairing of bridges/ culvert or providing temporary thorough fare over any water course till repairing of the bridge/ culvert.
15 days
Restoration of road, drain, culvert etc. after installation/ repairing of water supply/ electric/ telephone or lines of other utilities lying under or beside such road/ drain/ culvert etc.
15 days
Issuance of copy of Birth and Death CertificateOn Specified FormWithin 7 days, if recorded after the birth and death.
Issuance of Cremation CertificateAt the time of cremation from the crematorium/ burial ground, if cremated or buried, as the case may be, in a crematorium/ burial ground of a Urban Local Body.
Correction of records related to Birth or Death Certificate7 to 15 daysExecutive OfficerChairmanDistrict Magistrate
Issuing of Birth & Death CertificateOn Specified Form3 Days(After verifying the documents of Nursing Home/Hospital)
Food LicenseOn Specified Form3 Days
In case of Home Birth/DeathOn Specified Form7 to 15 Days
Water Supply(Tank)On Plain PaperThen and then(If tank is available)
Cleaning of Drain-1 to 3 Days
Cleaning of Garbage-1 to 2 Days
Taking away of Dead AnimalsOn Plain Paper/In Specified section, verballyWithin 12 hours
P.W.D.Sanction of Site Plan and building plan of residential buildings having height of less than 14.5 meters 15 daysExecutive OfficerChairmanDistrict Magistrate
Sanction of Site plan and building plan for commercial or mixed use buildings.30 days
Sanction of Site plan and building plan for institutional buildings.45 days
Sanction of plan for addition, alteration or repairing of old buildings.15 days
Approval & Sanction of Site PlanOn Specified Form30 Days2 Days
Building Plan
Unauthorised Construction & other complainsOn Plain PaperWithin 15 Days
Building Completion CertificateOn Plain Paper5 Days
Renewal of Building PlanOn Specified Form15 Days7 Days
Certified Copy of Building PlanOn Plain Paper15 Days7 Days
Water Supply SectionEffecting of new house connection/ shifting of water connection.45 days from receipt of application if main supply line are avaiable Executive OfficerChairmanDistrict Magistrate
Arresting leakage of water in mains and wash of ferrule.2 days
Change of shifting of ferrule15 days
Supply of water through tanker / lorryWithin 24 hours of application.
Stoppage of misuse of water due to malfunction/ removal of street taps etc.10 days
Replacement of defective meter.30 days
Actions against illegal method of taking water from municipal mains.2 to 10 day
House connectionOn Plain Paper10 Days(After fulfilling the requirements5 Days(Based on Enquiry
Repairment of PipelineOn Plain Paper2 days
Repairing house connectionOn Plain Paper2 days
Repairing of Tube-well2 days
Conservancy :Cleaning of chocked drain2 daysExecutive OfficerChairmanDistrict Magistrate
Cleaning of hydrants7 days (except in the urgent occasions of water logging)
Cleaning of garbage after receipt of Special Cleansing Charge.Executive OfficerChairmanDistrict Magistrate
1 day
Removal of materials dumped on the public thoroughfare.Within 2 days from the date of expiry of term, as determined by the Urban Local Body, of the owner of such material to remove.
Enlistment of Profession Trade and Calling and other licences : New Enlistment CertificateExecutive OfficerChairmanDistrict Magistrate
30 days
Renewal10 days
Registration of cart, carriage etc.15 days
License sectionLicence for advertisement30 days Executive OfficerChairmanDistrict Magistrate
License of Private MarketOn Specified Form60 Days
New Trade LicenseOn Specified Form3 days
Renewal of trade licenseOn Specified Form2 days
Rickshaw/Van licenseOn Specified Form1 day
Electric:Repairing of street lightOn plain paper7 daysExecutive OfficerChairmanDistrict Magistrate
Installation of new street light7 days from the date of completion of installation of poles and connection by the electric supply agency.
Establishment sectionIssuance of any type of certificate or certified copy60 daysExecutive OfficerChairmanDistrict Magistrate
Residential certificateOn plain paper/verbal requestThen and then
Free treatment certificateOn plain paper/verbal requestThen and then
B.P.L./SC/ST/OBC certificateOn plain paper/verbal request1 day
Life certificateOn plain paper/verbal request1 day
Hereditary CertificateOn plain paper with required documents2 days
Hall bookingOn plain paper30 days if available
Water bookingOn plain paper1 st come 1 st serve if available.
Application for new Garbage trailer vatOn plain paper1 st come 1 st serve
Ambulance serviceOn plain paper1 st come 1 st serve